Beyond the beaches, beyond the theme park, the palm trees and the warm breezes lies the dark side of the Sunshine State.

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A brutal 1994 triple murder leads police in South Florida on a fast-moving chase for evidence. What they find — including a remarkable, graphic video of the crime as it happened — made the case seem open-and-shut.

But today, even after four trials, nobody stands convicted of the Casey’s Nickelodeon Murders.

Another horrific crime — 10 years later in the upscale, oceanside city of Boca Raton — leaves left a mother and her young daughter dead. They were found in the back seat of their own SUV after an afternoon of Christmas shopping. They had been shot in their heads, execution style.

As police investigate, they come to a chilling realization: The man who did this may have struck before — at the same mall, that same year. Do police have a serial killer on their hands?

This April, the Sun Sentinel and Wondery bring you Felonious Florida, the podcast that takes you into the dark side of the Sunshine State.

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The Casey’s Nickelodeon Murders was reported by Lisa Arthur based on interviews, police reports, court records and media coverage. It was edited by David Schutz and Randy Roguski. Felonious Florida is produced by the South Florida Sun Sentinel and presented in audio form in partnership with Wondery. The series is produced by Schutz, Arthur and Juan Ortega. Web design and production by Yiran Zhu. The Felonious Florida team includes Randy Roguski, Danny Sanchez, Sean Pitts, Cindy Choi, David Selig and Dana Banker.

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